Activities for groups

As a charity, Hazel Hill Wood aims to offer valuable and enriching experiences to groups that centre around developing wellbeing and resilience through connections with nature.  We are able to offer partially and fully funded experiences to certain groups that allow adults and children to benefit from the magical environment.

We offer residential and day sessions and all sessions are all developed on a bespoke basis and consider the needs of the group and individuals within it. We have worked with a wide range of groups and continue to broaden the diversity of needs we are able to cater for.

Previous visitors to the wood include:

  • Primary school groups.
  • Guides/Scout groups.
  • Young Carers.
  • Individuals with special educational needs.
  • Children with emotional and behavioural issues.
  • Adults with Alzheimers.
  • Adults with mental health issues.
  • Young homeless adults.
  • Veterans and military families.

We hope participants will start to use time in nature in a positive way to help cope with stress and find better ways to cope with challenging situations in their lives. Participants will also learn about the importance of living sustainably and developing new skills in this magical setting.

There are various funding streams available to enable groups to take part in our activites. If you feel you have a group that would benefit from the activities then please contact Julie to discuss your needs