Embracing New Connections: Opening the Northern Nature Reserve at Hazel Hill Wood

During our vision and strategy review in 2022-23, a crucial clarification of our philosophy emerged. It is that Hazel Hill is a dynamic space of exchange, where the reciprocal relationship between humans and the more-than-human world thrives. Our shared acts of conservation and mindful presence cultivate mutual healing and learning, deepening a bond that extends beyond mere coexistence.

Rethinking Boundaries

Aligned with this clarified understanding, we began to view our designated nature reserves under a new light. Initially set as untouched sanctuaries for wildlife, this concept increasingly felt misaligned with our ethos of intentional relationship and connection. True connection, we realised, flourishes not behind barriers but in openness and accessibility.

Dismantling the Old, Welcoming the New

In October 2023, we commenced the careful and symbolic removal of fences around the northern nature reserve. This act isn’t just about changing the landscape; it symbolizes inviting our visitors to deepen their relationship with the wood. We’re mindful of this transition, observing how the atmosphere of the woodland evolves as we gradually open up this once secluded space.

A Richer Exploration Awaits

The northern nature reserve, previously a hidden jewel within Hazel Hill, is abundant with diverse habitats, a serene stream, and a charming bridge. As these fences come down, a realm of discovery and contemplation is unveiled. On your next visit, we encourage you to explore these newly accessible paths, immerse yourself in the natural beauty, and explore the wood’s newfound depths.

An Invitation to Discovery

While plans to formally celebrate this expansion are underway, the real joy lies in the journey of exploration itself. The next time you’re at Hazel Hill Wood, let your curiosity guide you into the northern reserve. Experience the evolving landscape, connect with its unique environments, and be part of this meaningful evolution in our story.

Join us in this significant chapter at Hazel Hill Wood, as we move beyond traditional boundaries to foster a more inclusive, interconnected sanctuary for all who seek its solace and wisdom.