Our team


Antonia Skelton: Buildings Maintenance Coordinator

Charley Miller: Conservation and Education Coordinator

Kate O’Callaghan: Housekeeper

Lauren Kearse: Operations Coordinator

Sally Rushworth: Caretaker

Simon Wyre: Electronics


Overall responsibility for the direction and governance of the Trust’s activities sits with the board of Trustees.

Oliver Broadbent, Chair of Trustees since May 2020 (Trustee since 2019): has a range of management, education and consultancy experience, mainly in the engineering design sector. Involved with the wood since 2010.

Ellie Osborne, since 2022:

Helen Kirk, since 2022:

Jake Farr, since 2015: Works at senior levels as an organisational coach and consultant. Is also a client at the wood, bringing families from London, known as ‘Kids in the Wood’.

Jenny Maresh, since 2022: Treasurer.

Lily Gilder, since 2022

Nick Mabey, since 2023

Patrick Andrews, since 2023: Secretary.

If you are interested in becoming a Trustee please email trustees@hazelhill.org.uk