Our work relies on donations large and small from individuals and organisations. In the midst of the climate and ecological challenges, Hazel Hill Wood stands as a beacon of hope and resilience. But the magic of this sanctuary doesn’t happen by itself.

A dedicated team of professionals steers our volunteer programme, oversees our conservation efforts, and ensures the meticulous care of our unique off-grid accommodations. These efforts not only preserve the woodland’s integrity but also create an inclusive space, making it possible for individuals, who might not otherwise have the means, to experience the transformative power of Hazel Hill Wood.

Further, your support enables us to collaborate with aligned partners, amplifying our vision and charitable impact. Our annual commitment to these endeavors is approximately £100,000. While partner retreats generate around £60,000, the heart and lifeblood of our work are the gracious donations we receive from supporters like you.

What does my donation nurture?

At Hazel Hill Wood, we believe in a holistic approach to addressing the climate crisis. We are inviting organisations to go beyond traditional offsetting methods and to delve deeper into a more integrative solution. By partnering with us your organisation actively enhances the resilience of an ecosystem and nurtures human connections with the living world.

Beyond our care of this woodland, we’ve established spaces that offer healing, reflection, and reconnection. Our initiatives are designed not only to address the environmental challenges but also to foster well-being and impart wisdom about the more-than-human world.

By supporting Hazel Hill Wood, you’re not just mitigating environmental impact but investing in a profound ripple effect – one that rejuvenates our forests, educates communities, and heals the human spirit. This is an opportunity to be part of a movement that prioritizes both the planet and its people.

To discuss donating to Hazel Hill Trust, contact Charley on 07519 464023.