Forest Bathing and Mala Making day

Forest Bathing and Mala Making day

Thursday 4th May 2023.

Join Nas & Sonya for a connected and creative day of forest bathing, delicious Persian inspired lunch and a Mala workshop, surrounded by nature in a private woodland.

You can expect a warm welcome as our small group connects around the campfire. Leave your anxiety behind as you relax completely with a gentle, calming, sensory meditation to ground you fully in the present moment. It’s the full moon, so it’s a great time to reflect, release negative energy and recharge – and you’ll explore all this with expert guidance and in partnership with the natural world.

You’ll also have fun and design, craft, and use your own Mala necklace in Japa meditation under the trees. And in addition, we provide a notepad for journaling, nature ID tips and ways to adapt the Forest Bathing activities for friends and family. 

A nourishing Persian-inspired lunch is included, as well as healthy snacks and foraged tea to try and we’ll make sure there’s enough time to toast marshmallows over the fire as we say our farewells.

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