How is firewood made at Hazel Hill Wood?


All of our accommodation buildings at Hazel Hill Wood rely on wood burning stoves for heating and hot water. We have seven stoves in total! All our firewood is produced at the wood. We’ve recently improved our firewood restocking process, and it seems like a good
time to explain how we do it… 


The first step in the process is felling trees using chainsaws. We choose which trees to fell partly by choosing which trees we want to keep. Felling other trees around them, particularly ones touching them, will help them to thrive.


We cut logs to around 14 inches in length with a chainsaw.


To create logs which will fit in the stoves and burn well, many need to be split. We’re currently using a combination of splitting by hand using an axe, and using an electric log splitting machine. As we have very limited electricity at Hazel Hill Wood, this machine is powered by a petrol generator.

Stacking and seasoning

This is a new part of our process – stacking split logs out in the sun and air where according to Lars Mytting they will season in just a few months.


People power is currently our main method for moving logs. It’s hard work and satisfying!

Stacking again!

Once the logs are seasoned, we move them to the log stores near the buildings. Under cover and out of the rain.

Moving and stacking again!

One last journey into the buildings and then, finally, the logs make it into the wood-burning stoves and do their job of keeping our guests warm!

Charley Miller, Conservation & Education Coordinator