Marcos Frangos reflects on 2016 at the Wood

One of my abiding memories from last year is the Wild Margins of Organisational Change which Wisdom Tree ran 15 September: with a wonderful blend of organisational development practitioners, therapists, change agents and story tellers on the most beautiful sunny day with a gentle breeze blowing. We explored the often-neglected ‘wild margins’ within us and in our organisations, using fascinating coaching techniques and constellations to reveal the wisdom of the wild margins. The image I still carry is of the group sharing sat round our classroom in the heartwood, round the campfire, including a flipchart in the woods! A most exquisite day, thank you to all. I also remember an amazing Nourishing the Front Line workshop with Salisbury Hospice staff that took place at the wood in October 2016 where we focussed on nourishing our own wellbeing and resilience, using the wood’s own nature as a beautiful backdrop and teacher to the work. What touched me most was the incredible camaraderie and depth of sharing from participants; each doing amazing work, at the front line every day supporting people who are approaching death, and taking care of their families and friends through this process. Jane and I were both really moved by the stories they shared, and the sense of a shared sense of team and “we’re in this together”.

I would like to acknowledge and sincerely thank the Hazel Hill Wood team who worked tirelessly in 2016, to help sustain this beautiful 70-acre woodland and its forestry and conservation, to deliver our education work, develop funding possibilities, run new programmes, care for our beautiful buildings, looking after our clients and volunteers, stack logs, clear rides, repair compost loos. The list is endless. Thank you so much for your dedication to the wood, and here’s to a fabulous and exciting 2017.