Oliver Broadbent – new chair of Trustees

In May this year, founder and lead funder of Hazel Hill Trust, Alan Heeks stepped down from his role as Chair of the Trustees. Taking up the role is Oliver Broadbent, long-time friend of the wood and co-organiser of many educational events here.

Oliver has been a Trustee of Hazel Hill Trust since July 2019, and has been playing various supporting roles over the last year. He has a background in training and facilitation, with a particular focus on creative skills in the climate crisis.

Last week Oliver cycled to the wood from Bristol for his first visit since the lockdown began. Taking up the role, Oliver said

How we engage with nature and treat our natural environment will define how we respond to the climate crisis, both in terms of our wellbeing but also in terms of the decisions we make. I know of no better place to combine connection with nature with a conversation about how we respond to the crisis than Hazel Hill, a place I have loved for many years and now have the responsbility to look after.