Seeing the point of woodland conservation…

The speed of nature’s growth in Spring is astonishing: the beautiful carpet of wood anemones shown in the picture burst into flower between Easter Sunday and Easter Tuesday. And they are a great example of why we work so hard to encourage conservation work at Hazel Hill Wood.

One of the main projects for our autumn conservation weekend in 2014 was to create open space in the verges alongside the path connecting the buildings with the heart of the wood. Previously, this path was a tunnel between two tangled messes of small sycamores, brambles and young hornbeam, almost 2 metres high.

The result of the conservation work last year is not only that we now have a path which is a delight to walk along, and has open views into the wood, but also now has these beautiful flowers, which would otherwise have been shaded out. Almost everywhere at Hazel Hill, we find that when we clear the overgrowth and more light gets to the floor of the wood, flowers spring up where we never had them before.

People find that caring for the wood is also a way of caring for themselves. If you would like to join one of our conservation groups, we have two weekends coming up