The Hideaway

This is our newest building, opening June 2021. It creates a major upgrade in the accommodation we can offer at the wood, giving a total of 17 single bedrooms, or a total indoor capacity of 38 people. The Hideaway is a curved wooden building with 8 ground-floor bedrooms, all facing south into a clearing and mature trees, linked by a covered walkway to indoor showers and compost loos. The building is powered by solar photo-voltaic panels and heated by a high-efficiency biomass boiler. Every bedroom has a small washbasin, reading lights, a timber cladded wall and wooden flooring using our own Scots Pine from the wood. Download our User Guide below:

  • 8 bedrooms, from left to right, sleeping up to 16 in total:
  • Beech – bunk bed: single or twin room (2.9m x 2.1m).
  • Birch – bunk bed: single or twin room (2.9m x 2.1m).
  • Douglas Fir – bunk bed: single or twin room (2.9m x 2.1m).
  • Hazel – double bed: single or couple (3.0m x 2.9m).
  • Holly – trundle bed (a single bed with a pull out single underneath) so can be a single or twin room (3.2m x 2.9m). This is an accessible bedroom with an en-suite accessible wet room bathroom, with shower, compost toilet and small washbasin. Holly Room also has a door to the a-joining Hornbeam bedroom to provide optional access for a carer or relative.
  • Hornbeam – bunk bed: single or twin room (2.9m x 2.1m).
  • Oak – bunk bed: single or twin room (2.9m x 2.1m).
  • Willow – bunk bed: single or twin room (2.9m x 2.1m).
  • Central heated services area has two showers and two compost toilets, and the disabled access bathroom is also accessible from the corridor for general use if desired.
  • 6 of the 8 bedrooms have USB sockets. As power is limited here, we ask guests to only use these for charging phones and when absolutely necessary. As phone signal is weak anyway, we encourage you to try a digital detox if possible! The other two rooms (Hazel Room and Holly Room) are our more accessible rooms, and have 240v mains sockets with a limit of 200W per room, or 400W limit if using one room, for medical equipment use only. Due to the nature of our off-grid site we cannot guarantee uninterrupted power. Group Leaders, please ensure you have briefed your participants on this before booking.
  • Quiet location, two minutes walk from the Oak House, four minutes walk from the main car park.