The Oak House

The Oak House
The Oak House

The Oak House has an important place in the Hazel Hill story. Built by a group of people who lived on-site for six months it was our first indoor space for gathering people together. This is one of our intermediate technology buildings, meaning it uses simple off-grid technology to provide for our needs, but this requires active management on your part. 

  • Heat is provided by wood burning stoves connected to radiators.
  • Hot water is heated by wood burning stoves and stored in a tank.
  • Electricity is 12V and is provided by solar panels.
  • Water is mains water.
  • Waste water from the sinks is filtered by a reed bed.
  • There are indoor composting toilets.
  • Fully equipped kitchen with a 6-burner range size propane gas cooker, a small gas fridge, twin sinks, crockery and utensils.
  • Large dining area with views out into the wood.
  • 2 ground floor bedrooms with disabled access via a side door.
  • One bunk bed in ground floor bedroom 1.
  • Two bunk beds in ground floor bedroom 2.
  • Mezzanine bedroom with a double bed and single bed.
  • Tiny bedroom with small single floor bed for child/small adult.
  • Two shower rooms.
  • Indoor composting toilet.
  • Outdoor seating area and lawn.
  • 22′ x 21′ (6.7m x 6.5m) group room for indoor activities – capacities shown in below images.