Coals to Newcastle, Owls to Greece and Fire Wood to Hazel Hill Wood!

It’s a pretty straightforward fact that our wood, Hazel Hill Wood, contains an awful lot of trees.  Which means we’re naturally and happily awash with timber.

As a consequence you’d be forgiven for thinking this means we have an “easy” source of firewood, yet in reality the extraction and storage of the timber into usable firewood is actually a very big deal in terms of the natural and human energy of the wood.

We are blessed with a great team of workers at the wood, who help us to keep costs down, and we wanted to share these pictures to show part of the process which results in the lovely firewood logs we supply.

Striving to use only what we need is becoming an inbuilt element of our modern day lifestyles. The trip from tree to fire is resource heavy, and we try to be mindful of this when we consider whether the woodburners need another log placed on the embers.

Nothing quite beats the warmth and nourishment of a roaring natural fire – enjoy it, with mindfulness of the journey those warming logs have taken!