Autumn Equinox Woodland Retreat

Thursday 22nd September 2022.

Rebalance, rewild and celebrate the start of Autumn in a unique woodland setting.

The Autumn Equinox comes at the point where light and dark are cast equally, so it’s a time to restore and bring balance to our lives.

Join nature connection guide Sonya Dibbin and sculpture artist Jacqueline Rolls to celebrate the change of season through a selection of tried and tested, evidence-based, nature connection practices designed to leave your mind quiet and still, awaken your senses and nurture your wellbeing.

You’ll be gently guided through a selection of nature-inspired meditation and mindfulness activities to help you release and rebalance while fully experiencing the wonder of the natural world. Activities could include mindful photography, a ‘sniffari’, nature journaling, and creating land art using natural materials.

You’ll also have the opportunity to deepen your sense of belonging and connection to the natural world by weaving with natural materials. Using plants and other natural materials you’ll forage from the woodlands, Jacqueline will guide you through creating a simple woven structure. 

These nourishing nature-based activities will leave your mind quiet and still, restore balance in your world and you’ll be able to take your work of art home with you as a memento of the day. 

This is one of the most tranquil, eco-friendly surroundings, devoid of phone signals, interruptions and noise.  Parking and compost toilets are available.​

You’ll also enjoy a truly nourishing lunch with plant-based options available.