Programmes, projects and events

The programmes, projects and events we run at Hazel Hill Wood are the main ways the Trust meets its charitable aims. We are working hard to increase the number of programmes, projects and events we can offer.

Volunteer Programme

Join us and contribute to valuable nature conservation work, help with site maintenance, develop new skills, meet people and get active in a relaxing and nourishing environment. Tasks vary throughout the year; examples include tree thinning, path maintenance, restocking firewood, hurdle making and wildlife surveys. Activities often require the use of tools.

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Annual Bio-Blitz Wildlife Event

At the end of May/beginning of June each year brings our annual Bio-Blitz – a 24 hour wildlife survey. Join us and contribute to valuable research gathered across the UK. Stay for as long as you like, several hours or the full 24, it’s up to you! See our events page for our next Bio-Blitz and other wildlife survey opportunities.

Woodland Resilience Immersions

We’ve developed Woodland Resilience Immersions for healthcare professionals in different sectors to gain new insights and skills, to raise their personal and team resilience and wellbeing. Our partner in this work is Westminster Centre for Resilience (Professor David Peters), who brings both in-depth knowledge of the healthcare sector as well as robust evidence-based evaluation and measurement of wellbeing. Read more

Conservation Weekends for All

People from near and far join us for a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With no WiFi and very little phone signal, it’s the ultimate way of gaining a digital detox and reconnecting with the natural world. Stay in one of our off-grid, eco buildings from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon and take part in various conservation related activities. See our events page for our next conservation weekend.