Carers in our community

We recognise that there are many people living in our community who are not only responsible for their own wellbeing but the wellbeing of others. We work with local hubs in Hampshire and Wiltshire including Wiltshire Young Carers, Romsey Young Carers and Eastleigh Young Carers, to support young people with caring responsibilities. These young people range in age from 5 to 21 and all get to benefit from day and residential visits to the wood.

Young carers have one of the highest rates of mental health issues amongst young people and often have to live with levels of social isolation because of the caring responsibilities they have. At Hazel Hill Wood we bring groups of young people together as a form of respite giving them the opportunity to just be kids, and to offer tools and opportunities to enhance their wellbeing. The magical setting of Hazel Hill Wood also allows these young people to create new social bonds with others that may be in similar situations to them.

In 2019 we are continuing to offer these opportunities and also teaming up with Local GP practices to offer visits for adults with caring responsibilities.

Do you think you or your group would benefit from a visit to Hazel Hill Wood? Would you like to support the work we do? If so please contact to discuss options.

Testimonial from Eastleigh Young Carers

We love bringing our young people to Hazel Hill. When we spend the day here, we watch their troubles melt away as they enjoy the rare chance to be free in nature. Their sense of togetherness deepens as they work together to forage, build fires, make food and generally partake in activities. It’s always a pleasure to watch their confidence and self-esteem bloom as they are given a chance to remember that they are important and all have their place in the world. There is so much to learn about themselves and nature at Hazel Hill. It’s hard to put the magic of being there into words, you just have to experience it and you’ll see.

Things our young people have said to us about Hazel Hill:

  • I feel calm when I’m at hazel hill.
  • I like the freedom I get when I’m in the woods.
  • I love playing silly games in the woods.
  • I like it when Charley helps us for the day.
  • It’s really beautiful at Hazel Hill.
  • When are we going back to Hazel Hill?
  • I like it when we can forage for things we can eat at Hazel Hill.
  • Can we stay at Hazel Hill for a night again?