Tick briefing for visitors

Please read the following information before visiting the wood.

  • Ticks are arachnids (like spiders) 
  • They feed on blood – including humans, sheep, deer and birds
  • They can carry something called Lyme disease
  • To reduce the likelihood of getting a tick bite:
  • wear long trousers 
  • tuck your trousers into your socks or wellies 
  • avoid walking through long vegetation
  • use insect repellent
  • brush your clothes off regularly
  • If you find a tick on you while you’re here, please tell someone and we’ll help you remove it
  • Check your body for ticks when you get home
  • Remove any ticks following NHS guidance
  • Then keep an eye out for symptoms of Lyme disease – if you get these you need to go to your doctor and tell them and they will do a test:
  • a rash around the bite and/or 
  • flu-like symptoms 
  • Most tick bites are harmless
  • Ticks are important creatures in their own right, and are also slow-moving prey for other animals like spiders and birds