Heartbeat of the land

Hazel Hill

Living with the Heartbeat of the Land: a year’s journey celebrating and marking the Celtic festivals and learning from the magic at Hazel Hill Wood.


For over two decades we have been listening deeply to the rhythms and the heartbeat of Hazel Hill Wood, a magical 70-acre woodland south-east of Salisbury, and are delighted to offer this journey of events, celebrating ancient traditional festivals which mark the rhythm of the Wheel of the Year.

Our intention is to create space where you can learn to live with the heartbeat of the land. These landmarks following the Dance of the Earth around the Sun date back to prehistoric times and mark the seasons on our Land; they are often referred to as Celtic Festivals. While we honour that tradition at Hazel Hill Wood, we like to follow the 8 festivals like the unfolding journey of manifesting a yearly Dream.

Salisbury TV came to visit us at the wood and asked Marcos and Daniel about the programme. Check out the video…