Nature Strategies for Life

Monday 5th September 2022.

Come spend a day in the magical, private woodland of Hazel Hill and be welcomed into the world of rewilding therapy. We will introduce you to nature-based strategies aimed at helping you cope with life’s many anxieties and stresses.

We will spend the day sampling nature-based strategies that can offer us ways to understand:
● Why we experience these daily anxieties and stresses
● How we are affected by them
● How we can work with nature to cope with these difficult emotions

What does a ticket include?
● A day of group therapy focusing on rewilding techniques and building coping mechanisms for daily stresses
● A day with a trained rewilding therapist
● A Vegetarian lunch
● Cake
● Hot drinks
● A day in a private woodland

What Is Rewilding Therapy?
Rewilding therapy reminds us that humans are animals. We too require, time in our natural environment, access to the correct nutrition and enrichment for our species to be healthy and happy. Many of us struggle to maintain these needs, whilst we face a multitude of strains, societal pressures and loss of tribe in our day to day lives. We’re often left feeling drained, anxious, lacking in time and unmotivated to dedicate time to healthy selfcare. Our work and family lives don’t always provide many opportunities to fulfill our primal needs or to be truly present in our natural habitat.

Rewilding therapy believes that by re-establishing and strengthening our connection with nature, we can find ways to cope with life’s stressful emotions, improving our own health and well-being; all this whilst nurturing a greater level of respect and care for the world around us.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us in one of the following ways:
● Email: or
● Mobile: 07378315736
● Facebook Messenger: @IntoTheWoodsRewilding
● Instagram: @intothewoodsrewilding

How to sign up:

Contact Kay via: or book tickets here.

If you are someone who struggles with technology, or reading, or anything else that may make understanding this event or how to get a ticket difficult, we’re here to help. Please contact us via the details above for any support with this event.