Spiritual Stewardship

Guiding places and projects to serve the highest good. 2nd – 4th February 2018 with Alan Heeks and Agatha Manouche

As the mainstream world gets more materialistic and self-centred, spiritual stewardship is one antidote. It means using the huge power we humans have been given in this world, to serve the greater good of all life, as best we can discern it.

In particular, spiritual stewardship invites us to listen for all the voices, all the needs, all the service possibilities, to integrate them, and work to serve and fulfil them.

This approach is especially valuable in the care of special sacred places, and for projects, teams and communities which aim to serve society, and provide some antidotes to the stresses and craziness of mainstream life.

Alan Heeks and Agatha Manouche have worked closely together as spiritual stewards for Hazel Hill Wood for twenty years. During that time, the connection between people, nature and the spiritual realm has deepened greatly at the wood, helping the educational programmes and the forestry and conservation work.

The aim of this weekend is for Agatha and Alan to share their approach and enable you to draw on this for a project or team you are involved with. There will also be time for discussion and reflection to help you clarify your way forward.

One way that the links between humans and this wood has deepened is through many years of celebrating the Celtic festivals. Our weekend will include marking Imbolc, a time for purification, new beginnings and opening to creativity in ourselves and nature.

Agatha Manouche is an Indo European Medicine Woman who has studied with many indigenous teachers. She leads regular women’s retreats at the wood. See more at www.agathamanouche.com.
Alan Heeks has been deeply involved in creating and stewarding both Hazel Hill Wood, and Magdalen Farm, a 130-acre organic farm and education charity. See more at www.alaheeks.com.

Cost: £160 including food and accommodation, £120 concessionary price. Accommodation is in shared twin bedrooms or small sleeping lofts. A few private single rooms are available at a premium of £25 for the weekend. Timings: from 7pm Friday until 4pm Sunday. Food: food costs are included in the price. We will share cooking and other practical tasks between us.