Forest Roots – a weekend for 16 to 24s

Celebrate community, nature and life in a magical wood.

23rd to 25th of February 2018
(Fr 5.30pm – Sun 4.30pm) No fixed price.


This weekend is a chance to find nourishment through and in nature, community and ourselves . Celebrating life and companionship in this magical woodland, we will use the temporary community we create together and the natural environment around us as a source of inspiration, insight and grounding. Using the power of story, music and dance, widening our senses to the world around and solo time in the wood, we can understand more deeply our personal thread of life and where it might lead us.

This weekend will be co-created by the whole group, keeping flexibility throughout the day(s) to go with the flow and energy of the group. The responsibilities for cooking, cleaning etc. will be shared and co-ordinated by all of us..


Jilani Cordelia Prescott – Musician, has led retreats for many years in many countries and loves working with young adults. She has three teenage sons and a weakness for strong coffee with hot milk.

Daniel Koerner works with young people across continents on realising sustainability projects, has a teenage shepherd´s dog and a weakness for double espressos.

Further information

Who is the event for?

It’s open to anyone age 16 to 24. This age is often a time where people are faced with big decisions in their life and dealing with a lot of challenges and uncertainty. This weekend you will find a supportive space and some new ways to explore whatever questions you’re facing.

No fixed price – how does that work?

In order to make this event as inclusive as possible, we decided not to set a fixed ticket price but find a collective and collaborative way to raise the necessary funds for the weekend. We want to shift our relationship with money from one of dependency, confusion and disempowerment to one of freedom, meaning, and contribution. Everybody who wants to be part of the Forest Roots weekend needs to contribute, yet there are various ways to do so. Get in touch with Daniel ( or 07599774716) and get more information here to find out how you can become part of this communal effort. Let´s make this event possible, together!!!

What’s the place like?

Hazel Hill is a beautiful 70-acre wood with lots of wildlife. It’s almost completely off grid, with wooden eco-buildings. There are proper hot showers, and there are non-smelly compost loos. There’s also a sauna and a campfire circle, Roundhouse, and great outdoor spaces.

How do I get there?

Salisbury has good connections by train or coach. The wood is 7 miles from Salisbury: there are local buses, or we can arrange a shared taxi and put people in touch about ride-sharing if needed.

Are there any other rules?

We’ll agree groundrules together at the start of the weekend. We are asking everyone as a condition of booking to agree a groundrule of no alcohol or recreational drugs.

What about safe-guarding?

Hazel Hill Trust has a safeguarding policy which we can send you. All our group leaders have appropriate security checks, usually DBS checks.

Where do we sleep?

The indoor spaces are small sleeping lofts with foam mattresses. Bring your own sleeping bag. You’ll be sharing a sleeping space for 2 to 6 people. If you prefer to sleep under the stars, you can bring your own tent.

Is there food included?

Yes, the price includes simple vegetarian food. We’ll organise cooking, cleaning up and so on.