The Hideaway – transformating the future for all of us

Buildings supervisor Neil stands in front of the Hideaway photovoltaics

Prior to the Covid pandemic, we were enjoying hosting many more groups in the wood, learning about conservation, sustainability, wellbeing, resilience and mindfulness – not only from our own team, but from teachers worldwide who run their retreats and residentials at Hazel Hill Wood. Having been aware that our accommodation was not adequate to meet… Continue reading The Hideaway – transformating the future for all of us

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Hideaway Sign-off

One of the ways we fulfill our chartiable aims is to invite groups of people to run their events at the wood. We provide a place where like-minded organisations, interested in sustainability, resilience and well-being – can meet in an inspiring, nourishing setting to do their work. To help us welcome more groups into the… Continue reading Hideaway Sign-off